why we do what we do

Our vision at Goal Gallon is to help you take care of yourself so in turn you can take care of others. I had this idea for an easy to use, motivational gallon jug when my youngest son was in the ICU for surgical treatment of his Congenital Heart Defects. Major was in the ICU for 5 months and underwent hundreds of procedures including 4 open heart surgeries.

During that time, my only thought was for Major to survive, not concerns of my own health. The nurses would continuously bring me water and tell me I had to take care of myself and that my 6 kids needed me as healthy as possible. This was a challenge. After Major was discharged and home I knew I had to help people keep themselves hydrated and healthy, not only for themselves but for others. I hope you enjoy your Goal Gallon and meet your 1 gallon of water a day goal.

Goal Gallon Gear.

Grab your Goal Gallon gear and start the challenge today. We are here to help you on your way to better health and a better YOU!

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30 Day Challenge

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